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Chicken Island, Island of Imagination Unseen Thailand

Chicken Island, Island of Imagination Unseen Thailand

Chicken Island, also known as Dam Kwan Island or Koh Kai, It is one of the tourist destinations of Krabi 4 Island Tour program, is a strangely shaped island located in Ao Nang Sub district, Mueang Krabi District. Krabi Province. The names of the islands are very diverse. It’s because of the ridge that sticks out on the south side. People who meet them have different fantasies. Some people see an island that resembles the head of a chicken. Or saw the handle of an axe lying around. But foreigners Instead, he saw that it was Popeye. Famous cartoon characters that we all know well.

Chicken Island
Chicken Island - Krabi

Chicken Island – Krabi

Chicken Island area Can do many activities No different from other islands is able to dive and see coral reefs Both snorkeling and deep water can be done. There is an abundance of coral. It made a great impression. There is also a white sand beach. There is a beautiful sandbar when the water is low.

“The highlight of a vacation to Krabi, is visiting Chicken Island, one of three islands. which is the origin of the nickname “Thale Waek of Unseen Thailand…” Roam Travel
Chicken Island
Most tourists like to take pictures with Kai Island.

Most tourists like to take pictures with Chicken Island.

The highlight of Chicken Island is the separate sea. It can be said to be one of the three islands that form sandbars at low tide. The three islands are Koh Tup, Koh Mor and Chicken Island. We can walk across from Chicken Island to Koh Tup at low tide. which depends on the natural tide level


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